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Wedding Gown Care

Your wedding will be one of the biggest days of your life. To make sure your gown is absolutely perfect, follow these tips:

1) Unpack your gown from its wrappings and if it needs prsesing, bring it to Duffy's Cleaners for expert attention.

2) Hang your gown by the straps some place where it won't be damaged, stained, or investigated by curious children or pets.

3) Wrap a sheet lightly around your gown to protect it until the wedding.

4) The day of the wedding, have a friend help you dress. (And make sure she doesn't have a fresh manicure that could rub off!) Make sure you have some safety pins on hand in case something breaks or needs to be pinned up.

5) If you spill something on your gown, dab the spill gently, but don't try to clean it yourself. Water can leave permanent stains on delicate fabrics. Try disguising the spill with something white like a dusting of baby powder.

6) After your wedding, bring your gown to Duffy's for a thorough cleaning and an archival storage box.

Be sure to have fun on your big day. With proper care, your gown will look beautiful and can be handed down to your children and grandchildren so they can make their own memories.

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