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Proper Clothing Storage

If you store your summer wardrobe during the winter to make more room in your closet, follow these few simple tips to keep your clothes looking great until it's time to wear them again:

- Natural fabrics like wool or cashmere tend to stretch if put on hangers, so it's best to fold them. Put acid-free tissue in between the folds.

- More casual clothing like jeans and T-shirts can be folded into small bundles or placed on

hangers, whichever is most convenient for you.

- If you're using hangers for silk or cotton mateials, use ones with padding so keep the shoulders

from stretching.

- Avoid using mothballs around your clothing as they contain toxins that could be dangers to

children. Instead, try using cedar chips (although not too many because of excessive drying),

lavendar, or lemon peels to keep your clothing dry and sweet smelling.

- If you plan to use a garment bag, use one made of cloth instead of plastic so your clothing can

breathe. Air vacuum bags should only be used on casual clothing since the bags don't allow the

material to breathe at all.

- And of course, before you store anything, bring it to Duffy's Cleaners for exceptional dry cleaning

and laundry services!

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